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Aidan at the Creek


My little friend Aidan. Well, he is my nephew actually, and he is not always so friendly. Often I find him with his cranky pants on, but he loves the river and is always full of smiles when I take him there (except when its time to go home…).

So we paddled in the water, we threw stones with a splash and made boats for racing in the rapids. He told me we were having an adventure just like Diego.  ^_^


Margaret Harm - These are beautiful. So like Hugh at the same age. Would live to use these in scrapbook for Gran and Pa. gone digital so can print for Hugh and Tracey (& you, to. If you like). I’d like to do some of each great grand child. We need to talk about the how’s – are you still in Gladstone? May need to use cyberspace! Hope all goes well. Just love your photography!

Mary - Thanks so much Marg! I’ll be in touch asap. Xo

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