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The Kumar Family

Sometimes blogging is the hardest part of what I do. I so often struggle to put into words what a photo means to me, especially when it is a photo of a friend. Sometimes my words just aren’t enough to express how I feel, and so often they are far too clumsy to convey what I am thinking.

Sometimes I read something written by another, that perfectly captures what I want to say, in a way I couldn’t even begin to hope to express.

“in the midst of love, within my gaze, / in everything I see but one thing / no shade of tree, no blade of grass / only a vision of you”
Japanese poem by Emperor Fushimi (1265~1317)

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shsshi - Fine snaps…..

Paru Mahtani - Such beautiful photos of my dear cousin! You take such beautiful photos!!!! You make me want to get on the next plane to Australia! Thanks for sharing!

Sunita Rao - What lovely moments captured of the family indeed and in such pretty settings.. Speaks volumes!! Loved each one of them

Ajit Pai - Oh My God !!!!!!!. What lovable and heartening snaps. Makes me emotional. Have known this family for generations. Fifty years? His Mom and I were teenagers when her cousin and I became classmates. Attended his and his Mom’s and Dad’s weddings. Have carried baby Sathya. And by the way, the little one is a split image of Sathya’s sister when she was a kid. Love you guys lots. Loads of love. Uncle Ajit

Mary - Thank you so much for writing. It is so wonderful to hear you speak of the family history and connection and love. I have been friends with Sathya for years since I first worked with him, and he is just a great person. So funny, so intelligent, so kind. And his wife and daughter are both beautiful souls. :)

Mary - Thank you so much Paru! They are such a beautiful family.