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It is a unique and special gift to watch friends become parents. To see a love burgeon, grow, blossom and create a brand new soul.
A product of that love, and an infinite expansion of that love.

And what an honour to be able to watch as you grow and to be a part of your life, little one. To share in the happiness you have brought into the world.
To watch you  change lives.


Baby Nate

Joy is infectious.

Pure joy radiates through you like the gentle spring sun warming your skin, thawing your bones, bringing you back to life.  Baby Nate and his sisters Maddy and Olivia were like sunshine on my skin.  This shoot was a celebration: of a new baby brother, of family, of laughter, and of joy for the sake of joy itself.  Baby Nate will live, love, grow and experience a world of emotions.  But with big sisters like these, laughter will never be far away and joy will always follow.

The Howard Family


The little boy with the deepest, darkest, liquid eyes.

The little boy with the biggest kisses for his Mum.

The little boy whose face lit up at the sight of the dogs running along the beach.

The little boy who was happiest with his toes in the sand and the waves bubbling over his feet.

The little boy with the world at his feet and the love of his family surrounding him always.


Nothing bends the very fabric of time as much as Grandparents and their Grandchildren spending time together. Age and Youth no longer exist in the midst of playing and imagining and laughing. 
The infectious joy of childhood is rekindled and the wisdom of the years is shared sometimes without the need to even speak.

Love that dwells outside of time.